education2020 Unconference


Many folk have asked if there will be a Flash Meeting during the unconference event. We can confirm that there definitely will be.

We feel that this is an essential part of the event, not only because many people are unable to travel to the far flung wee island that is Islay, but also because we want as many people to get involved as possible.

Unfortunately Neil Winton is unable to attend the actual event in Bowmore, but he has kindly volunteered to host the Flash Meeting. One of our aims is to ensure that those people who attend the Flash Meeting are part of the unconference - we don't want it to be just an add-on. Therefore whatever is debated within this medium will be fed back to those in the Distillery Training Room. Correspondingly, what is getting discussed at the unconference will be fed back to those in the Flash Meeting. Effective communication between both environments is key.

If you are interested in attending the Flash Meeting, we would be very grateful if you could add your name to the list below. The Flash Meeting will start at 5pm (BST GMT+1) on Friday, 12th June and will last until the end of the unconference.

Flashmeeting address is Booked for 25 people for 4hrs 30 mins from 5pm BST (GMt +1hr)

Not sure what Flashmeeting is or how to use it? Read here

Flash Meeting Attendees:

Neil Winton (@nwinton) (Perth Academy/Glow Mentor)
David Terron (Elgin Academy)
Fons van den Berg | @helikon (Freelance edtech specialist/ TeachMeet organiser)
Margaret Vass (twitter) Falkirk
Sinclair Mackenzie (@mrmackenzie ) Thurso
Kevin Mc Laughlin (@kvnmcl )
John Moravec (@moravec)
Joe Wilson @joecar Head of New Ventures SQA
Steve Kirkpatrick(@mrkp) Manchester
Lynne Lewis @sutmae (East Lothian teacher)
Peter Schneider (@peteschneider ) Atomic Learning
John Johnston @johnjohnston ICT Development Officer North Lanarkshire
Mairi Munro, @Mairi_GM Kodaly music instructor, Aberdeenshire
Claire McCallum, @clara_mac , Learning Officer, BBC Scotland Learning