Education2020 2.0!!

It is proposed that there will be a (slight) follow-up to last year's unconference. This is to coincide with me (Andy Wallis) leaving the Scottish education system for pastures new down in England. It will follow the conventions of an unconference formula, but for those who attended last year it will resemble more of the discussions and banter that took place in Duffies. It would be truly special if you could attend. Please let us (myself and Ian) know via any means possible!


Stereo, Glasgow


12th June 2010 (exactly a year since the last one) from around 6pm onwards

Are You Attending?

Please add your name to the table below if you can make it along to Stereo

Andy Wallis
Gordon Brown
Armin Grewe
N (I'm afraid I can't make it. I'll be on Islay with my sister,
but we will raise a wee dram or two thinking of you!)
Jane Hollin
Y - look forward to it!!
Dave Terron
Y - will stay at Crowne Plaza methinks after yesterday's SQA marker's meeting!. Lift available from Elgin/Forres/Inverness (if necessary) to Glasgow.
Ian Stuart
Kenny O'Donnell
Y providing better half's shifts/babysitters/financial meltdown are all coped with
Andy McLaughlin
Y - at least I'm hoping to! Coincides nicely with the end of my PGDE too :)
Bill Boyd
Alan Stewart
Looks unlikely - ironically due to me leaving Islay on Friday 11th heading for home. Hope to say farewell during my visit 7-11.
Andrea Reid
Y - never did get to Islay, but have thoroughly enjoyed following Andy on twitter, would like to say 'thanks' in person.
Y - See you there woot!
David Noble
Kate Farrell
Possibly, depending on babysitters!
Sean Farrell
Possibly, depending on babysitters!
Alistair Mooney
Joe Wilson
Possibly, depending on babysitters!
Neil Winton
Looking likely! Especially if anyone is bringing an iPad along! ;0)
Julie Arrol
Probably not - depends how late everyone's staying
Jo Moore
Will certainly try to make it along. All dependent on babysitters
Claire O'Gallagher
definitely, at least for a couple - will be good to put faces to names and twitter usernames!
John Johnston
Hope too, might be able to snag an ipad to make @nwinton jealous;-)
Theo K
looking good - anyone around in aft as well?